With so many Taco Caterers to choose from, why choose LVTaco?
LVTaco Catering is not the typical “Taco Man”, it is a Professional Catering Service. We have high quality – delicious food.

What is included in your service? LVTaco Catering is a full service catering company that includes delivery, set up, pre-cooked meat,cooked fresh right before your time slot and brought in warmers (on site grilling available), buffet with quality and professional service. We will bring all of the equipment needed to serve a party complete with cooking equipment, and our own 6ft serving table and attractive black table cloth.

How do I make a reservation? REQUEST A FREE QUOTE. We will let you know if the date/time of your event is available. A deposit will be needed to save the date and your set!

Do I have enough space? How big is your equipment? There are two main pieces of equipment; the Grill & Serving table, they can be side-by-side, or apart. To fit comfortably we need a 4x6ft space. If you are concerned about space – (702 )937-6180

How many Tacos does each person get?
TCTaco provides a minimum of one-two hours of grilling per party (depending on number of guests)   Most of the time, all of your guests will be able to return to the Grill again and again. The average Taco-per-person ratio is 3. Some of your guests may only want one -others may enjoy up to 4 to 5. If your head count is correct, everyone will eat tacos.

What happens if there are leftovers?
We provide To Go containers and will package and present the host with any leftovers- enjoy!

Does LVTaco Cater only to private parties or do you do larger events?
We cater to many types of events in the Las Vegas Valley -7 Days a week at all hours. Including but not limited to corporate events, private events and local youth sporting events and fundraisers. We have catered events ranging from 30 to 1000 guests. No party is too big!

Do you have a Minimum Headcount?
Technically…Yes. 30 Guests is our Minimum count for our service. However, we will perform any party. If you request a quote for under 30 guests, you may be required to pay more ‘per guest’ but there is no party too small.

How many hours will you service?
Usually there are 3 hours of service; one hour is for preparation and a 2-hour window of serving (This is for packages of 50 persons and more+). For events with less than 50, there is only one hour of preparation and there is a 1-hour window of serving.

How will I recognize LVTaco?
Our Taco Guys and Gals are really easy to identify. They are profession looking, whose magical hands are kept gloved at all times and wearing our black matching t-shirt. If your event is requires a more formal appearance, please let us know and we will make sure we are looking extra good and matching the attire you desire.

Are your products homemade?
Our signature Red & Green Salsas, Chunky Guacamole and Pico de Gallo are all made from fresh ingredients & spices within just hours of your event to enable the utmost freshness. Yum!

Do all of your cooks speak English? 
All of our cooking/serving staff speaks at least some English; at least one cook/server will be fully bilingual. If you want an all English speaking staff please let us know.

Do you guys cook on location?

We can, for an additional $40. 

Does LVTaco have a restaurant? 
Yes, in our dreams and prayers… We hope to open our first location, Spring of 2018.

What will happen if I want the taco guy to stay more time in my event?

Additional hours are charged at a rate of $75 per hour.

What happens if I cancel my event, will I get charged? 
Las Vegas loves tacos and receives calls daily. Once you pay your deposit your date/time is locked in. Anyone who inquires for your date/time slot will be denied. Since we are protecting your spot and potentially rejecting taco lovers we do not offer refundable deposits. 

Don’t let this scare you off, give us a call and we can chat more.  (702)937-6180

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